1. Christmas caroling in Washington Square Park.


  2. Because I wish I were in Europe, and not in a Starbucks working on a Sunday.



  3. 30-Day Photo Challenge: Close-Up

    Clearly I am not posting these within 30 days (as my challenge group actually had a facebook page where we posted), but I’m stressed out today, and I needed this one. Maybe the people of Tumblr do, too.

    Tumblrs, meet Moose. He is adorable.


  4. Even Gowanus is lovely at sunset.

    (Just not the canal.)


  5. 30-Day Photo Challenge: B & W Street Photography

    Not to be confused with B&W day.


  6. 30-Day Photo Challenge: Earth

    Ok, technically it’s sky, which is maybe the opposite of what I was supposed to photograph, but the sky looked like a big satellite map on this day. And, hey, I can translate this theme however I want, ok? GEEZ.


  7. 30-Day Photo Challenge: Architecture

    When you live in NY, buildings are—obviously, I guess—some of the most compelling subjects to photograph. So when I read the instructional post on the Low-Angle photo day, and the author noted that sometimes it’s good to look up to see beauty, I was sort of like, Um… That’s the only place I ever look?

    So anyway, my point is just that Architecture day was right in my comfort zone. Huzzah.


  8. 30-Day Challenge: Frame Within a Frame

    Lower Manhattan, near the Brooklyn Bridge.


  9. 30 Day Photo Challenge: Lens Flare

    Taken from the super lovely, new and improved Brooklyn Bridge Park.


  10. 30 Day Challenge: Depth

    The later in the challenge, the less motivation I’ve had to take pictures. But back in the early days, I’d even find a photo in the rain.